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Close your knowledge gap with daily personalised learning for software devs

Supercharge your team's skills with continuous developer education, personalised to your current work.Get instant feedback to identify persistent issues, track progress, and watch skills soar to new heights.

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Editor assistant

Enhance your development experience in Visual Studio Code with suggestions that aim to increase code quality by optimizing performance, ensuring correctness and improving readability using idiomatic code.

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Knowledge profile

By analyzing your activity and areas of focus, this profile offers contextual and personalised learning material. It transforms the way you learn, assessing your development habits to share and enhance your expertise.

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Code reviewer

Streamline reviews in GitHub through automated review comments and suggestions, allowing your reviewers to concentrate on the areas where human insight makes a significant impact.

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Learning journey

Deepen your understanding of key topics, engage your colleagues and enhance everyone's skills through a variety of learning methods. A unique blend of summarized and interactive content ensures that your learning journey is consistent and effective.

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Instant feedback

Receive suggestions for relevant high-level improvements, helping you to write clear, idiomatic code that is succinct and professional.

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Rapid learning

Build a full knowledge profile for yourself based on feedback patterns, with regular summaries and activity suggestions to accelerate your growth.

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Collective knowledge

Objectively assess your team's experience and familiarity with given technologies, empowering decision-making, delegation and planning.

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Free for publicly available code, so you can expand your knowledge to boost your open source contributions.

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Review your private and public code
See your learning plans and exercises
Assess your progress
Designed for your individual development, receive feedback to grow along with a tailored learning plan to accelerate your projects.
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Review your private and public code
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Derisk your professional projects and utilise your team's knowledge to grow with targeted resources using a variety of learning techniques

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